Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soap for All

Bath and Bodyworks always has great promotions on hand soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers, candles and any thing else you can think of that would make you washroom or kitchen smelling like a fresh bouquet of roses. Anytime I go over to anyone's house I always see the Bath and Bodyworks hand soap in their bathroom. It never seems to amaze me on how these soaps have become so popular with the last 10 years. Prior these liquid hand soaps everyone always just used a bar of soap, which was cheaper in compared to the liquid soaps we buy now. Now, you must wonder how these hand soaps have anything to do with Gift Favours under $5, well keep reading and you'll see how.

I was strolling through the mall last week looking for the most basic forms of gifts that people who have little to no time to prepare to give their party guests. I saw Bath and Bodyworks from the corner of my eye and I needed to walk in and because the front looks so inviting. The greeter at the entrance was letting me know that they were having a sale for the liquid hand soaps for 3 for $10! Usually these products costs anywhere from $5 a piece to $6. Then I thought what a perfect gift favours to give out at parties.

They had so many different scenes to choose from. My favourite has anything to do with berries, watermelon or sweet vanilla.

These gifts would be perfect to add to any party as a gift favour. The best part of it all is that it's under $5.. Check out the website at:

And check out the different scenes they have online.

Pictures coming soon!!!!Link

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