Saturday, March 3, 2012

Angel Themed Party

About a week back I was look around the city to find new ideas for the people that asked me to come up with ideas for their parties (Future blog posts). As I was in the Dollarama near Vaughan Mills, I was giving up hope till I took notice of these two figurines.

Some people would walk by the figurine section without taking a glimpse of the product. I was memorized with these two angels black angels, and I needed to pick them up. There was two styles and I had to pick up both. When I got the register, it rang up a $1 each. This would be a great giver under $5 idea.

So have you ever been invited to a themed party? Well I have and one was a angel party. We all had to dress up in white angel outfit and the hostess would wear a black angel costume. She lobed to stand out from the crowd.

I do remember her giving out favours but they were these candle stick holder that were purple. Didnt understand how it went with the theme. So for these angels I thought it would have been a great gift for her themed party.

They are purchased separate but they are only $1.13 including tax and clear wrap and ribbon. Each favour should cost no more than $3. If you want to cut the cost down further than just take the ribbon and wrap it around both angels and don't wrap it with the clear wrapping paper.


New post out on Monday! Traveller's blues? Check out on Monday how to over come it with a party and a gift favour to remember the GOOD OL' TIMES

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