Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soap for All

Bath and Bodyworks always has great promotions on hand soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers, candles and any thing else you can think of that would make you washroom or kitchen smelling like a fresh bouquet of roses. Anytime I go over to anyone's house I always see the Bath and Bodyworks hand soap in their bathroom. It never seems to amaze me on how these soaps have become so popular with the last 10 years. Prior these liquid hand soaps everyone always just used a bar of soap, which was cheaper in compared to the liquid soaps we buy now. Now, you must wonder how these hand soaps have anything to do with Gift Favours under $5, well keep reading and you'll see how.

I was strolling through the mall last week looking for the most basic forms of gifts that people who have little to no time to prepare to give their party guests. I saw Bath and Bodyworks from the corner of my eye and I needed to walk in and because the front looks so inviting. The greeter at the entrance was letting me know that they were having a sale for the liquid hand soaps for 3 for $10! Usually these products costs anywhere from $5 a piece to $6. Then I thought what a perfect gift favours to give out at parties.

They had so many different scenes to choose from. My favourite has anything to do with berries, watermelon or sweet vanilla.

These gifts would be perfect to add to any party as a gift favour. The best part of it all is that it's under $5.. Check out the website at:

And check out the different scenes they have online.

Pictures coming soon!!!!Link

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yummy Sensations in a Jar

Did you know that Betty Crocker makes scented candles? Well they do! I went to a Dollar store that is not a Dollarama franchise, in the area of Vaughan and was strolling through the aisles looking for a little gift favour for a pot luck dinner my friends and I were putting on this weekend. I thought it would be nice to give a little gift to each friend to remember the good times of laughter and food. At first we were thinking of baking some cupcakes, and placing it in a single box to give as the gift favour, but after seeing this beautiful candle I knew it would out beat the cupcake idea. In Canadian dollars the candles goes for $4, but when doing some research I found that it only costs $3 in the States.

The candle comes in variety of scents: strawberry shortcake, pumpkin pie, cranberry cupcake, cinnamon sitcks, orange and ginger, cookies and cream, creamy vanilla, apple pie, blueberry pie,cinnamon bun, white chocolate just to name a few of the scents that they provide.

To decorate the the candle to make it look more as a gift. I decided to spice it up with lilac and pink ribbon. The candle is only $4, so the gift favour is under $5.

You can have fun with the idea of choosing a flavour from the scented candles and have each person make the scent of choice. Or have a dessert party with the dessert prepared and have the candle lit up in front of the dessert.

Have fun with the candle! you can use it for absolutely any gift favour for any party.

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Check out next week with Picture frames shaped in baby bottle. Great for Baptism, or Baby Shower

Monday, March 12, 2012

Personalize Your Favours with M&M's

I was searching the internet for great ideas for gift favour under $5 when I Stumble upon on the M&M's website. I was just scrolling through the site to look what they had till one piece caught my eye. It was personalizing your own M&M's to whatever picture, clip art or personal message you wanted for any occasion and you were able to pick up three colours. The website was I spent 2 hours on it personalizing any occasion i could think of. On the left is a picture of the home page.

At the top of the page, it gives you different types of ideas for your party, or if you prefer you own idea you can create it through clip art, up load your own picture or write a personalized message. I went through the steps to create my own little MnM for "Gift favours under $5". I clicked on the orange box as shown in the picture on the right.

The site was so easy to navigate. You could not get lost in any of the steps. The first thing you want to do is choose your colours. The maximum amount of colours you can choose is 3, so choose wisely. For my M n M's choose light pink, dark pink and yellow. The site indicates that there are certain colours that you cannot choose to print on because they are too dark. There are 19 colours to choose from and only 5 that are added as accent pieces. If and when you are choosing a theme remember to make sure they flow properly. If you decide to choose to pick 2 colours that is fine you still get the same amount of M n M's.

The next step is to add images, clip-art and messages. I say have fun with it and utilize the tools that are given. Here on the M n M's I decided to put a my face, a graduation cap, my title of the blog "Gift Fav Under 5"(They only allow 18 characteristics) and my twitter account--@under5_giftfav. When you upload your 4 different designs it shows up on the left side on how it will look like on the M n M's itself. The picture on the left here is the example given. You might want to spend the most time here, this is the most critical part of the process.

Then you would want to pick the packaging to store the M n M's in for your guests. Remember the focus here is to create a gift favour that is under $5.

I was looking for the best price but at the same time I was looking for something that was sleek and stylish. I then found the metal tins that were $4.19 each, and you need to purchase a minimum of 20. So this idea is best for bigger parties where there are at least 20 families coming attending.
The total amount was $83.80 for 20 gift favours equalling under $5!!!!

The prep work for this is 5 minutes of clicking from page to page. The shipping and handling is much at $55 but the more you order the cheaper the gift will be. This is best for weddings and or large fundraisers.

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Check out this video promoting personalizing your own M n M's at:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Travellers Blues Party

I must say, i have the travelers blues! So I cant go away just yet because of school, but the other best way to get over the blues would be---- throw a party and create fun gift givers that remind you of your wonderful cities you've visited in the past.

This past August i had the great pleasure of taking not one but two wonderful vacations-- the first was a Europe trip with a friend. We visited 3 countries and 5 cities in two week (London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome) then when I got back I left to Cuba for a week.

I threw a party with friends and the theme way dress up like your favorite city. Its was a blast, people came in traditional costumes while others just wore their clothing with a prop. I on the other hand was so indecisive because I've been to Cuba, Bahamas, Miami, Italy, Croatia (10 times), England, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Dominican Republic and the States in the last 6 years. So I just wore a shirt that said "I've been to all these places, I couldn't decide" with a map indicating all countries and cities.

I went to Dollarama and was looking for an idea to give away to my guests. I knew i didnt want to spend too much money on the favours. I say this picture holder that said "Good Times" and I knew that was the best way to describe all the trips "Good Times".

I went to Wal-Mart and printed off a couple of my pictures to put in the holders. The picture holder was $1.13 each and each picture was 24 cents. Each picture holder took about 5 pictures so that was $1.20. In total each favour cost only $2.33 including tax.


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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Angel Themed Party

About a week back I was look around the city to find new ideas for the people that asked me to come up with ideas for their parties (Future blog posts). As I was in the Dollarama near Vaughan Mills, I was giving up hope till I took notice of these two figurines.

Some people would walk by the figurine section without taking a glimpse of the product. I was memorized with these two angels black angels, and I needed to pick them up. There was two styles and I had to pick up both. When I got the register, it rang up a $1 each. This would be a great giver under $5 idea.

So have you ever been invited to a themed party? Well I have and one was a angel party. We all had to dress up in white angel outfit and the hostess would wear a black angel costume. She lobed to stand out from the crowd.

I do remember her giving out favours but they were these candle stick holder that were purple. Didnt understand how it went with the theme. So for these angels I thought it would have been a great gift for her themed party.

They are purchased separate but they are only $1.13 including tax and clear wrap and ribbon. Each favour should cost no more than $3. If you want to cut the cost down further than just take the ribbon and wrap it around both angels and don't wrap it with the clear wrapping paper.


New post out on Monday! Traveller's blues? Check out on Monday how to over come it with a party and a gift favour to remember the GOOD OL' TIMES