Monday, April 2, 2012

Turning One!! Bottle Frames

Dollar stores have been the top place that I usually go to find great ideas for these gift favours. I don't like repeating a lot of products that are closely related but who can go wrong with picture frames. I was walking through a privately owned Dollar store on highway 27 and Innovation in Woodbridge when I strolled into the picture frame section of the store. Some looked cheapy like you expect from a Dollar store but then I saw the cutest frames for babies.

I then remembered that my cousin was having her daughters 1st birthday in the next 3 weeks and she was consumed with so much preparation that I thought this was the least I could do for her. I called her right away and sent her pictures of these frames. She loved them so much that she told me to pick them up. The cost was only $2 per frame and the ribbon was about $1 to decorate each frame. One roll of the ribbon was good enough to take care of the 25 frames that she got me to pick up. When I got her place she told go to Wal-Mart and print out the pictures that were only 24 cents for each picture. In total each gift favour came out to about $2.35!! Amazing!

The best part was that it was so easy to decorate the frames add a little ribbon of pink and purple and they were done. The frame was so nice on its own that we did not want to cover it up with clear wrapping paper. Plus when you have frames the best idea way for the frames to stand up are on its own.

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