Monday, April 9, 2012

Tips and Great Places to Buy Gift Favours under $5

Thus far I have written about great ideas of where to buy your gift for your party that is under $5. Well this post is a little from the rest, its been 11 weeks since my first post and I've figure that I should tell you where are the best places to look for gift favours under $5.

Every single time that I have to write a post I tend to stroll down to the local stores looking for great ideas that would cost under $5. This is usually including the ribbon, the wrapping paper, and/or cards. There are about 5 places that I always go to, this is Dollarama, Ikea, Flea Market, clearance stores, and Wal-Mart. Even at times I would just stroll the mall to see if there are any stores that are having a great sale. Its good to go to places that carry bath, kitchen, and lifestyles sections with in the stores. My personal best place is HomeSense/Winners—they always have a great selection in items but the only problem is that there might not be a big enough quantity. That is why to go to places such as Ikea, Dollarama and Wal-Mart if you have a larger quantity to buy.

A couple tips to keep in mind when looking for a gift favour:

Keep your eyes peeled for great deals! You can get a lot for $5 but you need to be wise and aware of the product that is out there. Don’t lose your vision, those deals are waiting for you!

Never settle for something that you’re not happy with giving out because if you’re not happy with it than trust me your guests won’t be either.

Ask the managers when the product came in because usually after 6 weeks of being on the self the item tends to be stale, and they would want to get rid of it to make room for the new items. Better deals to bargain.

Stick to the budget!!! If you want to spend only $5 on the gift favour including the ribbon and the card then stick to to the budget!

Always think before you act. Would you want this gift given to you? If the answer is no then put it down back on the shelf. Also think about you first impression on the item, if it feels and look cheap then it probably is.

You have to have a clear vision of what you want your theme for the party to be, then the gift favours will come soon after. For a Birthday party you have the central theme such as a masquerade party then you can know what to look for when your shopping such as a carnival mask as we showed in the past post at

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