Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baptism Candle Holders

My sister called me up last week and told me that her friend was throwing a party for her twin's Baptism (boy and girl). The reason for the call wasn't to inform me on the party but to come up with a gift favour idea. My sister told her about my blog so she checked it out and loved the ideas so much that she challenged me to find the perfect gift for the party. Challenge? you ask, she had some restrictions:
  1. Under $5
  2. Two pieces representing each child
  3. Stylish
  4. Classy
  5. "Not cheesy"
  6. Easy to assemble -- due to the babies
  7. Incorporate pink and blue colours
  8. Quality made
  9. No gold colours
I thought to myself "Ok she knows what she wants" now lets go shopping for this gift. At first it felt like a scavenger hunt, to find that perfect gift under her guidelines. It took me 3 days but i finally found the gift:

I found a candle holder for $2 at Dollarama and a pack of 100 tea candles for $4.51-- .045 cents per each candle(including tax) at IKEA, and ribbon (blue and pink) for $1 each at Dollarama. For each ribbon you can cover 4 candle holders = .25 cents per gift. TOTAL= $4.815 (Taxes including)

The only thing you need to do to assemble this gift is to place the tea candle in the holder and tie the preferred ribbon around the candle holder. It should take no more than 30 seconds per each gift.
I asked if she wanted me to wrap the two candle holder in clear wrapping paper and she said it was her style, but I think that is a way to cut cost.
The boys holder I placed a white candle with the blue ribbon but you could place a blue candle if preferred.
The girl holder I placed a pink candle with a pink bow. All and all, she was very happy with the gift and said that she has told many other friends about the blog. I followed her restrictions and still managed to come under $5 per gift.
Once again Amazing
Gift Favours Under $5!!!!!
Check out next week for another great gift favour that will be under $5!!!!

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