Saturday, January 14, 2012

Masquerade Ball Gift Favour

While travelling through Europe in August my friend and I decided to visit Venice (located in Italy) to see the wonderful city on the water. The scenery was truly an eye of
beauty, something I would encourage anyone to go see. We wanted to utilize the only day we had in the city and see as much as possible.

My personal favorite area was the shops that carried Venetian masks. I snapped a picture of the one store that struck me the most. (To the right) Each mask is hand crafted and stamped for authenticity that they were made in Venice. I spoke to a couple of owners in the shop and they told me that sometimes it woud take days to weeks just to complete each hand crafted mask, depending on the difficulty of design. I fell in love with the masks so much that I had to purchase 4, 2 for myself and 2 as a gift.

I thought if someone were to throw a party with the Venetian theme what party favour would they give to their guests?
I went to the Dollarama January 12, 2011 and found the perfect gift favour for under $5, for any one interested in throwing a masquerade party.

The three components to this gift favour is shown in the picture on the left: the mask (comes in green and black) the demasked box, tissue paper, and any colour ribbon.
All items were purchased at the Dollarama: Mask $2, Box $1.25, ribbon $1 for 2 meters, and the tissue paper $1 for 20 sheets (Each gift needs only 2 sheets of tissue paper). So it's UNDER $5.

This gift is simple to assemble and Under $5!!!!!

There are only 3 easy steps for assembly :
  1. Take the box and measure the width of the box so you can make a pillow with the tissue paper. This makes the mask stand out and livens up the gift with colour.

2. Place the tissue pillow in the box and then add the mask on top.

3. Take the ribbon of your choice and tie it into a bow. Then trim the bottom of the ribbon in a V.

Assembly time for this gift favour should take no more than 5 minutes. This way you can spend more time looking for that amazing outfit than spending for gift favours.
Gift favour are always a good way for your guests to rememebr your amazing party.

More ideas to come!!! Don't miss out!!!

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